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Hey guys,

Heading up to SWR on saturday 3 feb.

Havnt heard many reports from swr and the ones i have heard arnt crash hot.

Anyone have any news on whats happning up there in regards to Beakies or Fin and or any other animal that goes hard? Something.. please to get me reved up!


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I was up there landbased during the 2nd week of January.

Was heading towards the start of the breakwall, about 100m along the dirt road we started fishing ( since I didnt take my 4WD we couldnt proceed further ).

Was there and started to fish right near where we parked and got non stop bites of mostly breams, most were legal in size.

Was speaking to a guy who was walking up and down the breakwall with live bait and I asked him what he was targeting, and he replied flathead. Not even 10mins later he gives me a yell and I looked and saw him land a massive flattie on live bait, would have hit around the 65cm mark easily.

Walked up the breakwall and witnessed 2 guys helping another guy land a massive 1m jewie.

We managed to take back 3x30cmish breams, 2xking george whiting ( 36cm and 37cm ) back to the caravan park. Had 2 busts off from soapie jews, cant tell the exact size but would have been around the 45cm mark, too fast a run out tide and 10lb line was not heavy enough to land the soapies.

Didnt bother posting a report due to not having any pictures.

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Hi Nath

I was up there last Feb & there were plenty of marlin as well as cobia being brought in from outside, with flatties, bream & jews along the breakwall. We were camped at the Jail & had heaps of fun pulling in Frigate Mackerel on 6lb line using soft plastics & small metal lures. Schools of them were hooning up the beach & around the rocks near the jail. You could see them coming, throw out 10 secs before they got to you, then start retrieving fairly fast as soon as they were in the strike zone! The locals were keeping them to salt down as bream bait - the best, they reckon.

I'll be up there mid Feb, fishing the back creek for blackies & the Jail wall for frigates again!



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Mate at hathead last year we were catching those friget mac by hand.

Have about 20 beers wait till low tide and they get trapped in the river, then you run and tackle them and hurl them up onto the beach. Pretty awesome spot!

Now that'd be worth putting on video for Funniest Home Videos!! Yahooooo!

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