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Port Hacking Wednesday


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I will be heading down to Lilli Pilli Baths on Wednesday morning around 5:30ish if anyone is interested in joining us for abit of lure spinning and abit of bait fishing.

It will be land based unless someone with a boat is interested in going out and having some company.



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Ah that sucks.

I will do a report and try and get the digi camera working so i can take some photos hopefully also.

I am currently looking into purchasing a boat...proably a tinny of some sort, maybe a hornet trophy or similar.

any ideas on a small tinny type of thing that can be used at night easily and is easy to store..as there is no where at my place to leave it so will hae to try and get it in the boat shed at relos place most likely, which is not easy as the ramp has rotted away to some part..mite have to have engine off and put it on after throwing the boat in.

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