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its a top bream spot and the occasion jew

the channel runs on the right hand side going up stream , just near the houses and down a bit

u will see all the boats lined up one after an other. anchor where the bank meets the bottom of the channel and make sure you have a decent anchor cause the currrent streams down here very fast.

i have had most success from one hour before high tide to 2 hours after . once the tide starts running hard you will need big sinkers to stay on the bottom

u will need live nippers for bait

the tide up there is about 2 hours after fort denison.

the bigggest bream ther we have caught is 50 cm

and alot 40-48 cm

hope this helps



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yeah u gotta have live nippers, they r the best bait for bream up there, also ive tried slimy fillets which work well but the live nippers are the best.

u cant beat live bait. i use a 1/0 hook and hook the nipper through the tail so u dont kill it



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Went for a drive along the river yesterday! Noticed a lot of people fishing along spencer!

Does it produce some good fish out there?

Send a pm to Owzat - he virtually lived there as a youngsteer & has tremendous info on it!



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