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haven't caught anything of size but i have learned some very very useful things. I met a fellow fisherman who has helped me to improve my chances somewhat. in fact he has been most generous with advice.if you read my first submittion, you would know I cant fish for nought. Now i can get yakka's anytime, have learned to gang up and i know what a float can do. Have bought squid jigs, but yet to land 1, that hasn't been through lack of trying though. I now know that its all in the presentation. My float has given me a tailor and a salmon, couldnt stop talking about it for a couple of days. The wife has stopped giving me ****** now, cos I am actually bringing something home to eat. [ hunter and gatherer] I have caught a 40cm flattie and a million pinkies, a few bream and a couple of whiting, but nothing to write home about. I go fishin' almost every morning for a couple of hours, but just dream about it all the time. Im still reading the forum avidly and drooling for the day when i get the BIG one. I have a mate comin' down from Qld with his tinnie next week so i will let you know how it goes. It might be my big break.LOL Tight lines everyone.

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I say good on ya man, you've always hoped for it and the forums have done something for ya. The things you learn about and the things you see are just amazing sometimes. Just keeps ya coming back for more doesnt it...or in my case...keeps me coming back so I can some day get a keeper.

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