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hey to all,

Recently I invested in an Ian Miller Shimano T-Curve Deep Jig 24Kg rod, fitted to a Shimano Tourium and spooled with 50pd Playtupus Super Braid. This outfit is rated to jigs of 150 - 250g. With this I also bought a couple of Chaos 180g knife jigs. I havnt yet tried jigging so I am wondering which metod(seeing as though there are soo many) you guys recommend for attching the jig to the leader. I have seen and heard about many different ways with split rings and rings e.t.c.... , but i am yet to know where and how to attach it. Also I am also not sure and what brand and stlye of Jig Hook Setup to use plus I am also wondering what brand of jigs to buy.

Any help is appreciated, thanks cya.

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Hi mate,

from personal experience, and i am yet to have a failure, i do it the following way... and spend up on the best gear, i use owner, shogun and decoy terminals only!

Take an owner assist hook, and loop the lanyard through an owner solid ring.

I attach an owner 200lb split ring to the towing eye of the jig, i then put on the solid ring with the hook and lanyard attached, and finally a shogun 150lb crane swivel onto the split ring....then i tie the leader onto the crane swivel

basically eveything hangs off the split ring, that way the fish cannot use the wieght of the jig to fight against you. i'll find a pic and post it up


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