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Jackets, Jackets And More Jackets


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Got a call from my dads mate on friday arvo asking me if i wanted to go out with him saturday morning for a fish...... Woo hoo always up that. Headed out of the hacking at about 6.30am in the 5.7m trailcraft straight out the heads and headed towards wollongong. Few hundred meteres into the run down south and we see some fish being bailed to the surface which looked like yakkas, anyway we get the lures out start trolling near them, when all these tools turn up and start criss crossing all over the top of them and more importantly over the top of our lines :ranting2: lost a lure and thought bugger this so we continued our run south. Stopped for a troll again but came up with zip. Got to our flathead spot, first drop and both of us lose our rigs........friggin jackets :thumbdown: !!! Anyway re rigged with wire patternoster rigs and joe proceeded to catch jacket after jacket. Joe was using bream gear :wacko: to catch the buggers, and he had about 10 on me before i decided to change to light stuff. Once i changed over it was on, with both of us getting double hooks at the same time :yahoo:. we moved to try and find some flatties and we thought we found them when i pulled up a nice 50cm model but it wasnt to be.... jackets again. Anyway we lost count of how many we caught (lost count after 50) but we kept enough for a great feed :thumbup: , when the chop got a bit annoying we called it a day. Nice boat, great company, fun fishing, top day on the water :1prop:


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Leatheries aren't a bad chew but it's a bugger when they're in plague proportions. They do chop the gear up pretty savage. Did they have any size and what condition where they in?

The ones we were getting last September / October up here off Terrigal were as skinny as which is probably why they were so hungry. They were so thin you couldn't really fillet them at all.

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Guest IFishSick.

If it was me I would've kept all the buggers, they give me the s#@ts reallllllly bad :ranting2:

Just share em around with the neighbours and get those buggers out of the water.

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