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Pt Stephens


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Weather , tides , moon phase & water temp all looking good for a few days at P.S.

Heading off tomorrow for 6 days of :1fishing1: & :beersmile: ....... :yahoo:

Plan on trolling around the southern headland towards Fingle then off to the islands just off the heads for more trolling & bottom bashing

Hopefuly will have a reasonable report for next week


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Just had a reliable report from a certain person we know and they got a Grand Slam Today :1yikes:

Blue /Black and Striped Marlin .

Wooooooooohooooooo cant wait to get there in March :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

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Ahhh Port Stephens,

what a magic place: marine parks, prohibited bait grounds and state gov regulations?

Just doesn't seem right?

I think I'm missing something here!!!

Called into NSW Maritime ( Waterways ) during our visit to pick up the latest info. Was advised the new park reg's commence 1/3/07.

Will see if that occurs as I had previously heard the introduction would not be until after the election which , if Labor is reelected , is only a few weeks anyway.

There have been slight modifications to the sancturay zones since the origional plan. Either way the areas we fish are Habitat Protection Zones which are open to req. fishing but closed to trawling. :thumbup::thumbup:


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