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Egi Max Review


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Just thought I write a bit of a review/feed back

I fished for squid for 25 years (i am only 32, I started young!) in Adelaide, where squiding is almost more popular than fishing and the last two here in Sydney, I've caught 1000's of squid ( or Greeneyes/southerns as there called in Sydney) from jetties, wharfs,rocks,boats and wading using jigs,baits,nets and lights. And always get excited by new squid fishing gear.

I remember when YoZuri's first came out - The Japanese are way ahead of use when it comes to squiding, they even had squid jigs with AA battery powered lights in the late 60's, and being addicted to anything new I just had to try a $25 can of yellowtail/prawn flavoured deodorant. After using about $10 worth showing my non-fisher friends how bad it smelt I’ve used it on my last 6 fishing trips.

I fish mainly Middle Harbour/North Harbour by boat and Balmoral/Clifton Gardens on the shore, And although I’ve caught plenty of squid I’d have to say those areas aren’t really the most squid friendly spots – and not because they are hard fished, its very hard

to fish out a squid spot – its just theres just enough of the right type of ground to hold big

numbers of big squid compared to other spots such as Barrenjoey or down south where you could bag out within an hour or outside the heads were 2kg+ squid are common on the reefs. I’ve never fished botany bay, but it looks like a good spot when you fly over it.

I’ve really tried to work out if the spray’s good enough to warrant the cost. So I’ve spent

Half the time using the spray and half the time not. I think for people new to squiding it

makes it easier to get a squid to strike the jig, and it certainly makes a single squid more aggressive so they hook as they try chew the jig. Friends I’ve taken out who have never caught a squid have caught one in a few casts so it certainly helps.

Overall I think it’s a cool product that excites the squid, and would repel an attacker better than pepper spray if you got them in the nose or mouth.

I caught the one below on a jig I got for free joining the xxxxxxxxxx website sprayed it on the jig and got one second cast. It dropped the jig three times on a steady retrieve and took a big chunk out of the cloth so it obviously thought it was tasty! As you can see it was quite big , it went the length of the esky and was more than enough bait for a couple of hours fishing by myself with one rod.

I cant wait to test it on my favorite spot back in SA where the pros squid or down south here where there a lots of squid to see if it makes a difference when they are being competitive or you can see them and they wont strike


Here it is swimming in my $40 DIY Live bait tank....

I’d rate it third in my squid arsenal with color of the jig being first and retrieve technique second.


For beginners I’d recommend using the spray on a “razorback” jig if they are having trouble hooking squid but they are harder to get the squid off if without injuring it if you want to keep them alive.


Here is my favourite type of jig for deep water or passive squid fishing under a float using garfish or yakkas

It has barbed hooks so the squid dont get off

I've bought plenty of other fish gadgets and gimmicks that cost a whole lot more and have never worked

so for $25 dollars or so i think it deserves its place in the tackle box. Only negative my tackle box now smells like I've left prawn heads in it....

What do other fishraiders think? Reports? Reviews?

Maybe we need a squid social to test the hypothesis.... :)


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First of all that is a great review, very detailed...top stuff

With me i like to think of this new product as a additional tool in the chase for squid, I can say with near 100% confidence it definately does assist in attracting the squid and most of all makes him come back for seconds.

But when it comes to squidding i think technique is the most important part, It took me about 15 trips to nail my first squid a few years back......I was fishing the same areas as i do now and using quality jigs like i do now...but i couldnt get any squid at first, If i look back the main thing that has changed it is my technique.

I mainly squid in Sydney harbour, the squid there can be very finicky and cautious, I mainly squid over shallow kelp beds, So i usually have only 2ft of water to work the jigs, because of the shallow water, technique is paramount.....Working the jig well enough to not get snagged and at the same time being able to tempt the squid to leave the safety of the kelp.

These days i have no problem getting squid....I hear often of people going fishing and saying "we couldnt get any squid" .......This has not happened to us for at least 100 trips.....other members who have been fishing with me can definately verify that....I still outfish newbies who are using the same jigs and casting at the same area of kelp and i beilieve it is because of my technique.

Now Egimax has definately increased my boat rate, the main difference since using egimax is that i have noticed when reeling in a squid and he comes off he will ordinaraly move off and not come back, With Egimax i just leave the jig and give it a slight twitch and bang he's back and i boat a squid i normally wouldnt get.

But i think it is important for people to understand that technique is still very important, EGimax is not the magic answer to squidding, It is just an additional product you have in your arsenal to target them.

I would have to say perfect your technique, Use quality jigs and purchase some Egimax and you will definately nail squid on a regular basis.

If your wanna chase kings in the harbour and be consistent in catching them learning these skills are a must, Kelvin being a great example.....Im sure if you asked kelvin what makes him such a consistent king catcher he will mention his squidding abilities.

You will get kings on Yakkas and other baits but wont get them consistently and wont be able to nail the 100cm ones as these kings are very picky about what they eat. (although the now infamous Penguin prawn technique is getting good results).

Thats my 2 cents worth in relation to egimax and squidding

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Nice review Jason,

It answers some doubts I've had about the Egi products recently as I've used it and my success rate hasn't improved, still crap. Went for squid on Sunday and saw the squid strike at the middle of the jig but wouldn't take it fully, meaning no hook up. It was intersting for us to see how they move and strike, so it was a good research trip, but still want to catch the buggers.

Got the jigs so it must be my technique. Thanks for the advice.



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well said oz

with u 100% all the way and seeing u squidding i can say its mostly all about

the technique im NO expert but i can say after around 10-20 trips now im

quite confident in going squidding and nailing a few..

quality jigs bit of a spray down pat technique and it all eventually comes together...

practice and PERSISTANCE does pay off..

i went out sat with a mate he gave up after half an hour coz he dndt get a squid..

i got 1 FIRST cast in the water then i kept squidding and go 6..

so putting in the time is the key...


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