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Weird Fish From The Georges River



Found this fish skipping on the bank of the Georges river close to the water.


Sorry it's not a great pic.

It's next to an air stone to give you an idea of its size.

It was dark red in colour and had pink fins.

Its body was like an eel and it also moved like one in the water

but it had a head like a goby and it moved on the shore like a mudskipper.

When I put it in the water it went verticle and began to bury itself.

I have never seen one of these.Any ideas on what it is.

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So thats why Bass minnows work in the blood worm scales .

I fished in the system for over 40 yrs and never seen anything like that before :wacko:

Cheers Stewy

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Mate, about 1985 towards the end of the drought these things started showing up in the mud banks of the upper georges river around East Hills and Milperra..

Namesay can vouch for me, we wasted so much time digging for bloodworms only to find these bloody things had burrowed down and swallowed the worms we were looking for.

They vary in colour from deep red to pink, have nasty teeth, very slippery pink skin and are almost totally bind... if not eyeless. bloody ugly... look like a mutant penis from hell.

never worked out what they were but they decimated the bloodworms and seemed to live burried in the mud chasing bloodworms...

any ideas I would like to know too... and how the hell they got there as they must have been introduced...

Seriously worse thing to happen to the food chain other than Bankstown council building the flood mitigation levy and blocking kelso creek completely, or the chipping norton lakes which silt up the river.


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Greetings Folks,

Not sure what the fish is called but have seen them in the Georges river as long as I've been fishing it (early sixties) from about East Hills up. they used to be quite common around Milperra. I've also seen them in the Woronora up above the footbridge. Found them to be excellent bait, both live and cut, for the bream and flatties.


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