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I apologise for the blatantly novice nature of this inquiry but I have never used soft plastics before and I am going to give them a try on the weekend. For someone completely unfamiliar with them I found the idea of an artificial bait rather intriguing.

That aside would anyone be so kind as to advise the correct way to present these baits on the hook. For starters I have tried what I think would be the most obvious way.

Using a squidgee and a long shank hook with a lead ball attached I figured any trolling or drifting or retrieving would mean that the hook was retireved in a conventional fashion with the lead ball leading followed by the shank and then the hook and barb. Given that you want the bait to look like it is moving through the water in a forward direction I have have fed the squidgee onto the hook head first leaving the tail protruding over the end of the hook with the head pushed hard up against the lead ball weight and the shank travelling down through the body.

Sorry if this description is long winded but I wanted it to be as clear as possible and thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond.

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Hi Grant, welcome to fishraider!

Thanks for your question, there is no question too 'novice' around here!

Let me begin with the idea behind soft plastic lures, or squidgy's as many know them, the basic principle is that they are designed to immitate a wounded or dying baitfish, something a big predator cannot resist! In order for them to have the correct action they must be rigged correctly, the correct action is one where the squidgy 'swims' and darts through the water without spinning like a torpedo or spinning around like a ceiling fan! Unfortunately regular hooks, longshank or otherwise, are not a suitable means of rigging, there is another way...

I'll start by showing the individual components, and then how to rig step by step.

Here is what we call "jig heads" they are specially shaped hooks with weights moulded onto them


And here are some "tails", what you thread onto the "jighead"


And here is a step by step guide of how to rig the tail onto the jighead to get the best result.

Step 1 - take the squidgy out of the packet.


Step 2 - Measure the jighead against the plastic tail, so you know how far to thread the hook down the tail so the tail sits STRAIGHT, and the lead ball is snug against the front of the plastic. Also, make a note of where you will want the hook to exit the top of the plastic.


Step 3 - Start by feeding the tail onto the hook, starting in the centre of the 'mouth' of the plastic.


Step 4 - Continue to thread the hook up the centre of the plastic, you will need to twist and bend the tail, but try to keep it feeding as straight as possible up the centre, use the little dorsal fin of the plastic tail as a guide.


Step 5 - Bring the point of the hook out of the point that we measured up in step 2. push the nose of the plastic up to the lead ball.


Step 6 - Make sure the tail is sitting nice and straight with the hook coming straight out the top of the tail. it might take some tweaking to get it right.


Now tie it onto some line, and catch some fish...

Ideally you should get your hands onto a copy of Squidgy secrets DVD part 1, its a great instructional video on how to rig and present soft plastics, and also how to fish them, all for eginners...

Best of Luck



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Sammy top post mate, very detailed - there ya go Grant something to keep ya busy for a few hours - best of luck mate let us know how ya go with them.


:dito: very well done & thanks again.

Even though i have been shown several times at the shop - i found it a good refresher

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This is awesome post - pics speak a thousand words !!

I have read many posts, but can you please confirm that you do NOT use a sinker with the jighead combo with SP as it will ruin the way the SP sinks and moves as you reel in ?

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correct no sinker needed, it's on the jig head mate. Buy the squidgies DVD mate it will help even more as well as fishing technieque, its $30 well spent.

if you're chasing flattys i have been doing well on 3 gram size 1 hook ;)

The DVD sounds like a good idea ! Thanks !

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