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At The Pub


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I was injoying a few coldies at the shellharbour pub ,when I noticed the police boat go out.

Half hour later I could see they were towing something,I was forced to finish my beer faster then normal to go and have a look.

I took the photos on my phone,A passinger of the fishing charter said they were at Bass point when they were hit by one wave ,then one more, then the 3rd sunk them.

He was going to get back to camp and give the wife and kids a big hug and try the old saying;


I went back to the pub thinking glad that wasnt me or my boat.

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If that was a fishing charter, u would think

that the operator would be a lot smarter,

and not have allowed himself into a position

that would put the lives of his clients at risk. :thumbdown:

I would hate to be in the next group of fishos

booked in to go out with him. :(


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