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Ladies Day On The Bay


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The Bag

1 x Trevally 47cm

1 x Tailor 40cm

1 x flathead 36cm

The Gear

6lb Mono ET Limited Shimano Aernos 2000


Wife, No 2 son & I hit Cooks River ramp at 07:00 Saturday and away we went (after a small donation to the Volunteer Coast Card and some new stickers for the boat).

Over to the Oil Wharf and here comes the wifes 1st keeper, the biggest trevally we've caught in the bay at 47cm and 690g cleaned without a head :1yikes: . Now for me, a shitload of pinkies no keepers :(

Over to Moll's Pt for zip, back to the other side of the oil wharf and morrrrrrrrre pink'ies.

Then we thought we might drift home across the bay, here comes the wifes next keeper, flathead. Drifted closer to the 1st runway and bang the wifes 3rd, a nice Tailor.

Me............ not a dam thing :ranting2:

I was starting to think fishing was a spectator sport....... :05:

The Bait

Peeled Prawn

The pics


The Feed


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