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How To Use A Baitrunner


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Hi Raider's,

Sorry for the next 2 dumb questions!

I am about to embark on my most expensve fishing purchase in the next week a Shimano 3500 BR with 7" Silstick Crystal Blue 6 - 8kg rod and having never used a baitrunner before, I was wondering if any body could explain how one is fished (I understand the principle of it but I don't get how to do it in practice)???

I will be fishing Bate Bay and was wondering what bait/lures to use - I will like to target the pelagic species so I'll be mostly trolling with the occasional cast???

Thanks for any help

Elliot :1fishing1:

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If you are trolling and casting use it as any other threadline reel :biggrin2:

The Baitrunner comes into its own when feeding baits to shy fish or baiting or drifting with the Baitrunner lever on and the line can feed out untill the fish has the bait down and when you strike the lever will engage and go to what ever drag setting you have employed .

Cheers Stewy

And BTW there are no stupid or dumb questions on these forums if asked to a pertenent question :thumbup:

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Guest IFishSick.

A bait runner in simple terms is an extra drag setting.

When live baiting you have the bait runner set so the fish doesn't feel the taught line when it swims off.

When trolling you don't need to set the main drag again. Use the bait runner on a heavy selection so when a fish takes the lure you don't pull the hooks.

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They are quite simple and very effective.

It comes into its own when you are not holding your rod, e.g. floating pillies etc...

Simply get your bait to the desired spot in the water or put it somewhere where it can swin there it self, then place the rod in a safe postition, rod holder preferably, this is why it is best to fit the reel to a rod with a gimbal on the butt, then flick the switch usually located near the bottom of the reel. Check that the line pulls of the reel easily, so the fish feels no resistance when it picks up the bait, then sit back and wait for the scream of the ratchet pick up the rod carefully and when the fish has had a decent run simply turn the handle and hopefully your on, WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Hope this helps,

Happy Fishing

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