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Livebait Tank


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Hey guys, took out the tinny for the 1st time and ran into our 1st problem.

The livebait tank kept over flowing whether being switched on or not (when moving).

As we were planing along the tank would fill up regardless weather it was switched on or not. Obviously being to the 'scoop' facing forward. Nothing wrong with that ,but the overflow pipe just isnt removing water as fast as it is comming in. so we constantly had to stop and let some water out before we could get on our way again. basically to stop the whole thing overflowing and becomming a disaster again :1badmood: .



Also, because the main hole that lets fresh sea water in is about 10cm off the bottom of the tank, so we are left with 4 or 5L of seawater in the bottom...is this normal? :wacko:

Anything i can do to fix these things?

Sorry for the life story, just a bit anxious about things at this stage..

Rob :1fishing1:

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i would say the an additional over flow is needed. the rule of thumb is the overflow is three times bigger than the input. i.e 18 input - 54mm overflow. A tap may also help so it can be turned off when not needed. this is what i have been told and i have seen it in pratice and it has worked.


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Re the overflow not coping.

Ive got similar size hoses on my tank (3/4" inlet and 1 1/4"outlet yours look) and dont have a problem with overflow, even at speed. You might need to put a tap to restrict the incoming flow. This way you can also stop it totally for the the days your not fishing (if any!) to avoid having the excess weight on board.

How does it cope when your are stationary with just the pump running? It should be ok then?

Re the last few litres draining out.

Is there a bung or plug in the bottom of the tank to drain it after use? You might be able to get the dealer to sort it out at your 1st service. Its a $4 part and 5 mins labour for them. Saves you drilling the nylon tank if your worried about stuffing it up.

With that set up, Ive always been interested to know if the water will drain out of the tank when your stationary with the pump off. A one way/non return valve (say $15-$25) would fix that if that becomes a problem.

cheers ....hope you go well with it.


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Yes, a larger diameter will solve the problem. But it means bigger holes etc in the boat.

Its a new rig, so the dealer should sort it out (touch wood)

Rob: i have PM'ed you some valves for the inlet if thats the path that is chosen.

Reflecting on my comment about the water draining out when stationary, if the hose was re-routed so it passed higher than the outlet, that would stop that. No one way/non return valve needed. Just simple physics.



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i had the EXACT same issue mate,

ended up putting a tap on it and WALLAH it woeks wonders now.. all i do is turn if fully off

to fill the tank up at the beginning of the trip, then once fully i normally turn half way off and it

works gr8 with the tap u turn it and it allows u to controll the amount of water flow coming in,

there REALLY simple to install and very cheap.. pop to bunnings and ur sweet..

if u need more help with it mate let me know and ill take a pic of it for u 2morrow

really simple and an EASY fix.. i would worry about making ur outflow bigger ect ect means drilling

bigger holes and all that crap..

as far as drainin it goes all i do is when i get home and clean the boat use the hose and

kink the hose so no water comes out place it over the pipe on the bottom of ur pump then let out the

kink in the hose and itll suck the water out with the pressure and it will drain out EASY..

hope this helps


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Hi Rob,

By the looks of the photo the tank is in one of the transom corners, but they have put the outlet pipe

on the side of the tank. When your up on the plane the water pressure is pushing the most on the rear

of the tank due to the water remaining horizontal regardless of the boats angle. When the boats at rest

the pressure is even at all points around the tank so your overflow would working at its most effecient.

As water follows the path of least resistance and is pulled by gravity, when your on the plane it flows

over the lid rather than the outlet pipe. If the tank was turned 90 degrees with your out let pipe facing

the stern it would be far more effective.

The Venturi pickup pumps far more water than your pump will, as the water pressure at speed is huge,

and would fill the tank far faster than your current outlet pipe can release is due to position and size

causing it to over flow.

Fixes - Move overflow pipe to most stern point on tank and increase diameter, or add a 2nd

overflow pipe at stern of tank

For your left over water in the tank, the tank is sitting over the bilge, so get them to install

a bung in the bottom of the tank at the stern end. They will need to hole saw through the tank

and silicon up the bung so it doesnt leak with sikaflex and also the hole in the wood in your floor

where it will flow through to the bilge. At the end of the day you can just undo the bung, the remaining water will drain into the bilge and out the bigle bungs. You can then flush it out with fresh water, live bait

tanks can really smell if even the smallest bit of fish or fish water is left in there.

I installed the same type in my mates boat and we moved the venturi pickup & pump higher up

so it doesnt get as much water pressure when underway. On my boat I run the pump most of the

day when at anchor and the battery doesnt go anywhere near flat. If you've got duel batterys I'd

never turn it off.


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In all honesty i have the same pump and have had it for 18 months....it runs continuis on my boat and i have done 170 hours in my boat.........so the pump cant be too bad...but i expect it wont go for much longer then 200 hours

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Guest Fishing

Didn't you just buy the boat recently? Take it back to the dealer and tell them about your problem, they should be able to sort it out for you.

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Makes me cranky when I see new rigs and some of the things dealers do. They should have known that you will need a bigger outlet. They should have also had the hoses at the rear or side for a better asthetic look.

One thing I would do & you can do it yourself is to put a bung in there to get rid of the rest of the water.

When at home, when you clean the boat, see where the lowest point is for the tank and put it there. That way you can completely drain it.

Also another tip, is to never ever use suds in your tank. Simply flush it with fresh water when you get home and leave the lid slightly open as well so the tank drys out fully. Get no mould growing in there then.

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