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Blue Marlin


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There is a good article in the latest issue of Bluewater magazine, it will help you alot. The lures i would reccommend are Pakula-Sprockets in Lumo, Phantom Blue Angel, Joe Yee Apollo in Evil Top Gun nightmare in any colour.

These generally are big lures, a blue will know what it wants and hit it, usually the corners. I would not fish with anything less than 50W and even that at times will be not enough. Two lateral lines, a truly ultimate fish!

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Reely has mentioned some top beakie lures there...

I'd suggest having a look at Fishfinder Bait and Tackle, Tony has a range of fantastic Beakie lures including

Apollo lures



Aussie made JB lures

Marlin Magic

Hollowpoint lures

Soft Heads

and some important things like

Custom wind on leaders by Carol Goodger

Shogun leader

Fishfinder custom rigging hardware

Speak to Tony and get him to fix you up with a rigged spread of fish catchers ;)



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I agree with what the guys have said here, to specifically target blues you are going out very wide and 24kg is as light as you would want to go and the larger the lure the heavier the line set that hook. Get some advice from Fishfinder as Sammy said. Good luck

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