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Bream @ Chippo Lake 11-02-07


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Gday all

went to Chipping Norton for a quick session with my mate. We did not expect anything spectacular, but the bream did fire up! Burlied up and we pulled 15 bream in about 3 hours, only about 2 or 3 that were undersized. Biggest one measured 35cm. All the fish were put back.

Schools of mullet and bream busting the surface, it looked like it was feeding time for some bigger fish, because we even saw a legal size bream jump out of the water.

Here is a picture of one of the bream.




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I'm glad to hear you that you threw all the fish back.....cause you wouldn't eat anything out of Chipping Norton lakes :puke:

Totally agree with you. No good for eating. Still, all good fun!

penguin, I was using prawns too, peeled, unpeeled made no difference. ashame we wern't at Clifton....

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In regards to where I was fishing, I was just along the shoreline against some rocks, dont really know the area all that well. There were people fishing from some jetties as well as some boaties. Saw some really nice looking boats, especially one with a huge casting deck area at the front and back!

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Chippo's always been a good place to catch some fish.

You have your bream, mullet, blackfish, estury perch, bass, jewfish and ive even managed a silver perch.

Although you wouldnt eat these fish they are great to catch never the less.

A very under rated area that dose have bream socials there a few times a year. :1fishing1:

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