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Qunitrex 4.6m No Space For Ice Box

Tom Tom

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Ice_Box_Dimension.pdfThere must be other Quintrex/Stacer boat owners with the same issue, where to place the ICE BOX?

I would liek to place it under the seat, worst case senario is to get rid of the seat and place two ice boxes and use them as seats.

Looking for the ideal sized ICE BOX W=40, L=1100, H=32

Please find attached a drawing of the space I have available any suggestions would be appreciated.

Who could make one uip for me?

It is frustrating as Quintrex has not given any thought to it, and secondly the ICE BOX manufacturers make them too high. From the floor to the top of the boat is 51cm.


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Do you have the under floor storage compartments like in the newer quintrex models??

I use mine as an ice box, 2 bags of ice and plenty of space for fish and bait.

How did you go with that ladder issue?

I do the same in my Quiny.


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Tom Tom, Just a suggestion, but if you cant get a single icebox off the rack to meet your size requirement (as maybe they are too high in that length ?) then maybe look at two smaller ones side by side. I notice those new "Freedom" boats have this setup.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

1. Only 4.8m Quintrex have underfloor storage.!!!! This is something you find out after you buy the boat!!!

2. Sammy/DarrenG , Two smaller 56L = L565 W400 H410 Ice Kool boxes are an option. I will then need to fix them so they don't move. I'll check out the new freedom sport.

3. Still looking for the ultimate solution a custom made ICE BOX that fits perfectly under the seat, still allowing access to the back where the batteryand fuel pump is located. I live in Sydneyand would like a name and details of someone who makes them.

Guys this Cooler thing is critical the Mrs has given me a window of opportunity to spend the money, I need to get a good nights sleep and it won't happen until this is solved .

Arron, The ladder issue was solved with a little back yard modifications, it works perfectly now, I'm glad I bought the $200 ladder with the wide runs, its easier for the kids and the Mrs.

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Tom I have an idea that might work but would like to see a few pic's of the boat interior . Would these be available ?

In respect to the fabrication there is a guy at Doonside I was aware of some years back , Noel Howie Aluminium


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