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Kings For Junior


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Hi everyone. I went out fishing with my 2 children. The oldest is as keen as mustard to get out for some kings as he has to go to school and misses out on our mid week forays. The idea today was to get son numer 1 into as many fish as he could handle. :thumbup:

We went to get some squid and things were a little easier today as we got out supply pretty quick. That egi max is doing its thing. We only prospected around 2 spots and that got us 8 or 9 squid.

There were a lot of boats in the harbour today and all the markers were pretty well full with people who have anchored. So I decided to look for the kings somewhere else.

In one of th bays I found a big school of bait and some larger fish -kingfish hanging around them. I took these photos just for you Big Steve.



You can see the kings hanging around a bait school in the first sounder picture. We got several from this school before moving onto the second picture. The kings here are hanging around an underwater structure. We also got a few from this area as well.

That Furuno 585 is like an underwater camera. Can see EVERYTHING! The Dual screen is great as the 50khz gives the width and the 200khz fills in the details directly under the boat. There was one fish which dwarfed all the others in one area but I just couldn't tempt that guy!!!

ANyway my second son was having a nap in the Noble's cabin so son number 1 had ALL the strike. He was having a ball. Even yelled and whooped when he caught a tailer!

The kings we got today weren't very large. Most were 65-75cm fish but this didn't matter to my son. To him ANY fish is a good fish. Typical of the fishing this summer, we got almost a dozen kings.

I was busy netting fish, setting out baits and getting the downrigger up and down.

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The squid were doing wonders as king after king would hit it. I ended up trolling squid strips and they were still hitting these baits with gusto! He must have reeled in about a dozen kings ...mostly by himself. I think he will have sore arms tomorrow!

The smiles says it all


After all the fish he got today, he was one contented little boy!

All in all we kept 4 kings and alone tailer. I was tempted to downrig this tailer but it didn't live long enough in the live bait tank! WE ended our session when we ran out of squid. It was 10am when we packed up.


ANother good day on the kings. Cheers Kelvin

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top work once again kelvin! that sounder is awesome, compared to my garmin ff120 that thing is a movie of whats below!! your kids are super lucky, im nearly 21 and still trying to nail my first king! makes me feel kind of crap actually! keep up the good work!

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well done kelvin,

thanks for the sounder pics mate, ive played with mine a LITTLE this morning and

so so sos so sooooooooo many options to play with,,

ill take some pics of mine in action and compare :1prop:

thanks again


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