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Hi raiders

Purchased a new 625 penn downrigger last week and set it up on a gimbal rod holder quick release mount. This meant disassembling the swivel base. When I put it back together and loaded the downrigger on, the shark fins on the swivel base were locked and wouldn't swivel. Any advice.

Also had a play with it on Sunday in the fixed position and went for a troll. When I brought the bomb up the fishing line was wrapped around the cable. as was the mono trace clip at the back of the bomb. I positioned the downrigger on the back right hand side and set the rod up on the right hand side of the bait board rod holder located on the centre of the transom. Is this rod position OK or is it the reason for the tangle. If so, where and how should I position the rod. Read reports that the plastic rod holders that you can mount on the downrigger break.

Any advice guys?

Cheers Kurt

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