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Big City Kingie Action


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Hey 445F- Now that you got a king on a jig, I think you have covered the full spectrum! The only other method left is dynamite but I don't think that is legal :074:

I only wish you had a better sounder but you are still catching heaps. Perhaps I should now direct all the enquiries I get to you. Looking forward to semi retirement :biggrin2: CHeers Kelvin

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Ha ha, you are oh so kind Grasshopper. This is my first full season fishing for Kings and downrigging, and I am coming along ...

Your tuition and guidance has been priceless Kelvin, I am very grateful and appreciate the time you have taken to show me the ropes.

Although others on this forum have not been in as lucky a position as us, I am sure your reports have helped countless people in chasing our Seriola friends.


I agree with 445f...there is nothing like having a mentor when chasing a species of fish, i was lucky enough to have a couple when i first starting serious fishing a few years back and they taught me alot, including introducing me to Downrigging ( Thanks Pete).

Still till this day i call those mentors to get advice on spots, action etc....

IM sure your mentoring will pay massive returns Kelvin when 445f and Barry are nailing kings and let you in on where they got them.

Well done on teaching people how to chase these beautiful fish.

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I guess my fishing career has spanned over 30 years now! I have had a lot of good people giving me lots of good advice. We all learn from others!

In fishing there is always another frontier, another method to try, a new outfit....it just goes on. Downrigging is just one of the ways we target our favourite adversary but I am sure in the future there will be others.

I am already intrigued with what the yanks do to get their hoodlums. Very very interesting the way they fish for kings.

Anyhow, both 445F and barrykrocker will have a few people they will show a thing or two. I just hope we look after this great fishery we have here in Sydney so that my sons can go out and get a few. Cheers Kelvin

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This is my first full season fishing for Kings and downrigging, and I am coming along ...

same, still a long way to go though. but it's nice to be able to catch fish and a have few a few people to thank for that, kelvin being at the top of the list. his e-tuition that everyone gets to read on fishraider has been invaluable as well

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