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Lion Island/hawkesbury 20/2/07


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G'day Raiders,

Thought I would share my day with you. Left home at 4.50am and got to Berowra ramp at 5.30am. Were on the water in ten minutes and off towards Lion Island. The weather was absolutely perfect. As we were nearing The Vines the sun started to make its appearance and water was a picture.

Got to Lion Island and started fishing about 1 kilometre in front of it. It wasn't long and two juvenile snapper had made it into the boat. The second was just legal, but I threw him back in hope of catching one if his older relatives.

My mate that came along today was now very quiet and not fishing. Dare I ask? I did and the answer was, "I'm not feeling to good." :ranting2:

So off we go for a quick stop at Patonga so he could purge his servo sausage roll and iced coffee which was bought from "Apu."

Set off back to Juno and drifted from there back to the bridges on the eastern side of Dangar Island. ON the back of the island I picked up a 43cm lizard, which I was happy about. Moved west of the vines and then around some oyster leases, but no more success.

Whilst I was sitting on the beach at Patonga waiting for the demon to find its way out of my mate, I sat and watched in disgust the six trawlers working out the front of Patonga and down towards Juno Point. THe beach was covered in weed and I was told by a local on their morning walk that it has only been there since the trawlers have been active. No wonder fish are becoming so hard to find anymore. I just wanted to have a whinge, I know people have to work, but there was bloody six of them working the same area.

HAd a great day anyway, better then being at work and thursday the boys and I off to Currarong for four days. Bring it on. Also the tailor were busting up the water in front of lion island while we were there, there were heaps of them



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good stuff, shame about the trawlers tho. you might do well if your down currarong soon, i stopped off there for a dive on thursday while on the way back from further down south. there were big schools of big kings cruisng around in the bay between the wreck and honeysuckle point, feeding on gars in the middle of the day. ive rarely seen them that close in before. i think you might do well on them cos theres obviously a few around down there atm.

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