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Cooks River


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Hi guys

Me and domza are going out for a day on the cooks river in a 8 foot dinghy using a variety of lures and baits.

Can someone please point me in the right direction of where to fish with what lures.

Planning on using divers, chromes, sp's try it all but not sure where to find the fish.

The gear being used will range from 6-10lb maybe take a lerger rod for jews.

cheers james

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Sx40s or smilin Jacks as the water is mostly shallow under 6 feet.

Berkley Sand worms and 3 inch Bass Minnows for the plastics and you will get schoolies on the Bass Minnows ,so use a solid hook and cast near any of the Bridges.

Be careful of the depth of water as it can get very shallow really quickly.

Go right up to the Pacific Highway Bridge and you should do well. :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

Thanks heaps for that mate, not really worried about the depth ofwater this boat sits in 2 foot of water no probs :1prop:

cheers james

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If you want to hit some bream i recommend the following.

After the second bridge you come to a fork. Take the right side and go under the next bridge where on the left you will see a heap of ivy growing over the top of the rock wall. Where the ivy finishes you start throwing 6" sandworms at the wall. Fish it all the way up to the next bridge and then hit those pilons. make sure to stay on the left side as the right has a car body & fridge that your boat may not like too much.

Take a good supply of jig heads just in case.

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If you want jew you need to sound out the holes under and around all the bridges leading up to and at tempe station.

As for bream they are along the banks all the way up river, 2" hawgs and 3" grubs work well as do 3" fry in watermelon.

Good luck with the fishing. :1fishing1:

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