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Xos Kingfish Lbg/with A Photo's/page's 1 & 2


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caught on live squid south of maroubra at 6:15, Land Base Game


Got busted up the day before, got lucky this morning, great fight had to take the TLD50 to sun rise to stop him.

Not so lucky the next morn, busted up good, could'nt even slow him up on 12kg of drag


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Here is another one.

Resizing Photos

P.S. Can anybody tell me how to abbreviate links to things like "Click here"? Seen a few in some of the posts.


There is a toolbar at the top of the box where you type the reply and you need to click on the one next to the button to change the text colour. It is the one with what looks like the world with a link of chain on it.

If you know what I mean.


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