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Byron Marine Park Is Declared...

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This is a heads up people.

The Byron Marine Park was declared on Friday!

I can summarise the effects on the reccy people:

1: If you have boat and fish between Brunswick and Ballina (thats Brunswick, Tyagrah, Byron, Lennox and Balllina) then sell you boat. Basically you have been banned.

2: About 50% of the beach areas between Brunswick and Ballina are off limits includingl almost all of Byron. Lennox is not to bad but Brunswick is basically history. All fishing is only for 100 metres from high tide mark.

3: About half of the estuaries are also off limits.

A cynical politican would say that because there was almost no scientific basis for these closures this was a deal down done between the Greens and the ALP to get green preferences in the very fragile seat held by Larry Anthony that the ALP desperately need. But of course none of us would believe that ...... would we ...?

Theres a mass meeting on August 29 in Byron, come along if you can.

Whats next:

1: Port Stephens and Myall Lakes, probably in about a month

2: Manning Bioshelf (Nambucca -> south)

3: Far North Coast.

Your resident Pollie :-)

Jon Jenkins jon@trac.org.au

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I can''t believe the local businesses would support something like this, that''s of course if they did or if they had the opportunity too.

But then again, It was reported a couple of years ago they were trying to stop Qld registered vehicles from entering Byron Bay as well.

Who''s driving these decisions and are they being made locally or at a state or National level?


Make a note not to holiday in Byron any more

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