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Fished Harrinton breakwall today on the incoming tide. Seven flatties and three bream, unfortunately all undersized and thrown back. All the flatties where around the 31cm mark caught on a mix of white bait and/or mullet gut.

As I arrived I watched a guy pull in a 1kg flattie but that was the only legal fish I saw landed all day.

Howling north easterly made for difficult conditions and considerable chop but the day was otherwise a beauty.

Caught a shovel nose shark at Kylies's beach on Tuesday evening and that was all that was happening there, no one else seemed to be having any luck either. Water still seems colder than it should be, may have a bearing on why the big fish are not biting.


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Hi Henners

Thanks for the welcome.

Got to agree, nothing worse than going fishing and not catching anything at all! Yesterday's catch of undersized flatties etc had me hoping a bigger fish was about to be caught. I was rigged for larger fish, guess the babes were being greedy.



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