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Had a action packed, quick session last night around clontarf in the tinnie. Picked up my motor with a new prop after losing a blade on the old one somewhere on the road. went for livies at Tunks park and only managed to raise 2 tailor in the short time I had. The new prop got me out to the spot much faster than my usual slow plod so I was pretty stoked.

I had a 6/0 for the smaller tailor rigged up so I dropped him down and set about rigging an 8/0 for his bigger brother. When this was done, I pulled up the little guy and chucked him right out the back, away from where the big one would be swimming. Poor little fella must have landed in the jaws of a 50cm bonito. I saw his mates fly under the boat as i began the fight so i knew what to expect.

Next an unweighted pillie was hit by a 25cm pinkie. just on dusk, serious eruptions started occuring all around the boat. This got the pulse racing and I tried casting the pillie around but couldn't hook up on whatever was hitting the surface.

Suddenly, the bigger tailor starts getting seriously spooked. So much so that he starts taking some drag. I struck thinking he is in the mouth of a jewie but haul up the tailor so quick he becomes impaled on the hook again. Then i see the cause of the commotion. A three foot hammerhead comes right to the surface in search of the dinner that has been yanked from in front of his eyes. :1prop: He looked plenty hungry too. He had probably picked up the scent of the bonito which i bled over the side.

I think he may have scared off a bit of marine life as the action slowed for a while. I butterflied the now deceased tailor and sent him down. He started getting pecked later on by what i took to be other tailor but then ZZZZZ. Alas it was a short run and I should have struck harder. No hook up. :(

Called it a night soon after as it was a school night after all.

Good session though; more action than i've had for a while. Fishing wise that is :1prop:


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Yeah mate wish i was with ya. It is a good spot. I was their today and bait schools were getting smashed all over the place. No hits on whole squid just a couple of pinkies. Went out this morning late just for fun with wifey. Only other chance for fishing is tomorrow AM so will go out with the herminator. I gotta pass on going Sunday as got like 10 screaming kids for a party.


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