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Beach Worms


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Hi all

I have been getting the odd beach worm, its not catching them thats the problem its finding the best time of the tide to go.

I cant work it out,can anyone give me some help.

How do you keep your worms??

Can you just put them strait in the freezer or do you soak them in metho .

Any info would be great



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Guest IFishSick.

Mate, you can't beat live worms for bait. Anything in any Eastury will go nuts for em. I keep mine in dry sand and use them the next day live. If you want to keep them put in dry sand, wrap in newspaper then freeze.

The best time of tide is dropping and low, but if its new or full moon a bit before low tide as the tide goes too far out.

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Hi all

yesturday arvo I went for a worm at port beach on low tide,there was worms every where I got my limit,

I cant work them out.

Can anyone give me any info at all on beach worms.

I tried a few worms that night at lake illawarra,not even a bite.

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