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Port Kembla


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Hey fishraiders

Got a report frm my brother who went out to port kembla he got there around 7am and started of trolling the break wall and got a hit instatly which turned out to be a small frigate mackerel then they kept troling and went to pig island where they threw trolled, threw metal jigs down, used fresh mackerel as bait but no bites or fish he kept trolling and moving around but nothing at all. So the end result was 1 small frigate and he rekons there was no wind at all.

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i was out there today with downrigger and there was no kings around at all.

we tried all three islands for zilch then at around 2pm i decided to do a bit of trolling and got a bonnie in no time then we got another 3 and saw a few busting up on the surface between the breakwall and the first island and were gone in no time so we called it a day.

there was a diver at the 2nd island and told us that there were no kings about.

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