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Markham Whaler Canyon Runner 7000 And Blue Marlin


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I am only a young fella, but I am lucky enough to have a dad that just bought a Markham Whaler 7000 Canyon Runner. We are planning to take it off the shelf from moolooaba and target some blue marlin. We have never done this sort of fishing before, and we just got some of the tackle. We purchased 2 Shimano Tiagra 24Kg stand up outfits and 2 Penn/Precision 37Kg stand up outfits. We also invested in a Pakula Withdoctor some gloves, line, gaff and a black magic eqaulizer harness. We are extra lucky to live on the coast righ near wellsys tackle. Everytime we go in there we get something else. We have never done this sort of fishing before, we have been reading the In The Game features in the fishing mothly. How worng would someone be to think its just dragging a few lures behind the boat.

Could anyone give us hand with lures that work for Blue Marlin up to 150Kg.

Any help is appreciated

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Mate a markham wahler 7000 canyon runner, thats got to be a beast of a boat, Crazedfisherdude will be all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake, would it be possible to get a few pictures up?

As for the marlin lure big lures catch big fish little lures catch all fish.

I have never caught a marlin before but im sure the people of fishraider will help you as they are a top bunch of people.

cheers james

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Mate the boat sounds fantastic and you are certainly getting some good gear together, there is a huge range of lures in the Pakula, Hollowpoint and Black bart range and there are still plenty more, I would suggest you go in and see the boys at Fishfinder or Watto's they will be able to show you a great selection and also suggest leaders and hook setups.

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