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Ive always used GME and Uniden radios and never had a problem. They are just the run-of-the-mill brands in my opinion. There isnt really much in it. Any of the common brand names at the main marine chandlerys will be fine.

Ive read a lot of "mixed" feedback on the Navmans on other forums and would not buy one myself. Having said that I do have a Navman Antenna and it works really good.

My next radio will prob be a GME or Icom.

Radio wise approx $200 - $380

Some are "splash proof" and some have a IP immersion rating. I read your post about taking a wave over the bow, so maybe you need more than splashproof in a semi open boat. (edit: I would go Icom in the case)

Antenna $65-80

Get a 1.8 - 2.5 metre long antenna if you can. You will find it will generally work better. Especially on a low boat.

Some brands (the longer GME ones) do not unscrew and only fold down. The Navman antennas unscrew, but the plastic thread is a pain if you take it off often.

Just make sure you can a good connection to your battery or buss bar. (clean, tight and reasonable thickness wire). They draw a medium amount of power (4-6 amps) on high power and any poor connection will cause a voltage drop. Meaning a drop in signal output power.

cheers, good luck


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