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Harbour And Outside Sat 03-03-03


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After catching about 30 yakas, nth side.

we tried yellow quarantine marker for zip,

around 6 am we tried 2 km off north head for zip.

Then head south to wedding cakes off coogee beach, to pull

in a fairly large sargeant baker that was tossed back.

Head back into the harbour, and drifted past the red marker near sow and pigs, 1st king 61 cms.

I was stoked , caught my first king in the first session i have targeted them. My cousin had a lot to do with it.

Then we drifted along clifton gardens, another king 62 cms, was through the moon.

Cousin was probably dissappointed at not catching anything outside, but heh, I had just pulled in my first two kings and I was very very delighted.

They fight very very good. We will see what these bastards taste like.

I am looking into building a live bait tank for my boat… im hooked.

I have to admit, I was a tad worried when I was outside in a 13 ft tinny, with very very low sides.

Nevertheless, it was a great day.

Mr RB.




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Mr Rosebay,

after your phone call the other day i and now very eager to get out and go catch my first kingy... hopefully it shall be soon champ and ill be calling you and tell you about my mad trip :)

Well done mate and go on you with the catch :thumbup:

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