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Fishraider Tags


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Hi guys

Just had a thought whilst talking to DOMZA and IFISHSICK.

How about making fishraider fish tags?

Stick one in each fish you release see who catches another raiders fish.

Would this be possible?

cheers james

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I think the idea is good but the oddas of another raider catching it would be small....some of my release kings are being re-captured 500kms north or south.

What would be the easier way would be to put Fishraider down on the tag form as the "club".....

The forms have a few questions and "which fishing club" is one of them......THis way the person who re-captured the fish doesnt need to know about FR. they can just send it back to fisheries and then the angler can advise FR.

Also the biggest benefit to tagging is the details it provides to Fisheries in the way of research.....If you didnt log the tag in with them there would not be any other benefit then just fun.....

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