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Wanted: Team Daiwa Pro's Vibration Woofer Matt Black 70mm


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Has anyone seen any 70mm MATT BLACK Team Daiwa PRO'S VIBRATION WOOFER's left in stock or have you seen any in an online store overseas, second hand ok, HAS to be black?

I know the team daiwa silent vibrations are or will be available again soon but i'm pretty sure the woofers (with the large single rattle) are not going to be available.


(Far right)



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Cheers Guy's,

Japan Tackle don't have the right colour, either do charlestown tackle and I've tried internationa; Ebay for the last few months on and off without sucess, It looks like I'm going to have to paint one, i did manage to track one down though not frpom any of the above.


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