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Pelagic Mayhem


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Hit the water at Rose Bay with 2 mates at 6.30 Saturday morning, along with plenty of others. My two mates come from a different school of fishing to myself. Their idea is to head offshore and fill up the kill bucket with anything with scales and fins. I prefer to have a goal in mind and today it was kingies. I am no expert but have certainly gleaned plenty of knowledge from reports here. Anyway, the kill bucket was defenitely full by the end of the day and we had 2 kings to boot.

went to source some livies and manged a squid quickly and had a school of yakkas around the boat and 2 in the tank. The yakkas were a bit shy though and this is where the fishing philosophy difference came into play. The boys thought we were waisting our time with the little yakkas teasing us so we pulled up the anchor with our limited supply of livies and went across the bay to georges head, about 300 metres from the car park at Clifton Gardens. Squid gets hit straight away but is chomped clean in half (tailor) and the rest of him was picked away soon after. sent down a little yakka and he was nervous stright away and knew what his fate would be. Bang!, 64cm kingie comes into the boat. Mate then bags one using frozen squid. This was great action as a huge bait ball appeared on the screen and the kings were right on their tails. we stuck it out with me suggesting and suggesting that more livies were needed. the boys were having none of it and were sending down pillies and more frozen squid.

finally called it quits there and set off for dobroyd to source bait. no joy there so it was off to balmoral. same story all over. yakkas all over the place and only one in the tank. Our skipper had seen birds and wanted to chase them. Birds had pissed off by the time we arrived and we lost the burley bucket along the way. :1prop:

Next call, pies and coffee from balmoral. mate jumps off and skip and i decide to have a flick for flatties. Suddenly there is surface action and bonito all around us. two hook ups on metals but neither landed.

took our last livie over to neilson park where he swam around peacefully for an hour while a leather jacket was boated.

it was time to call it quits and we headed back into Rose Bay. The action was far from over as i spotted bonitos or frigates pass under the boat as we cruised back to the ramp. There followed an hour of mayhem. two of us casting metals and one chucking his lucky pink bibbed minnow. all the lures were slammed by hoards of tailor and bonito with skipper boating a frigate. it was every man for himself in the netting department as the kill bucket began to rise. I hooked a 30 cm tailor which was followed by ten others and then 2 kingies who looked mighty interested. the action finally died off and i kept casting hoping there was still a stray fish in the area. I was hit one last time and it felt different. a nice 40cm flattie had sped off the bottom to grab my metal slice, close to the surface. This was like the little bag of lollies that you get after the best party ever.

very stoked. :thumbup:

great day, lessons learned, fish aplenty for the pan.


no pics, I gave up on electronics near the water after dropping 2 phones in the drink.

PS, all the bigger fish were full of whitebait. there is a hell of a lot of feeding going on.

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What a top little session Humesy. You've gotta be happy with a day like that!

Great that you even scored a couple of kingies to boot. I bet your mat'es were

more than impressed with your knowledge gleaned from the forums.

Hope you have many more "bag of lollies" sessions like that one.

Cheers and well done.


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Yeah it was a good day for all with the fish feeding very nicely. Will PM you later.

Good to see were finally getting some decent action. I had a feeling you were on the water on saturday, next time i will give u a ring.

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does anyone have tips on catching yakkas (don't laugh). I launch at Rose Bay. Often see boats drifting around off the wharf and I presume they are sourcing bait. I usually go straight for squid spots but my usually reliable spots have been quiet, only managed one yesterday, probably the kingies have cleared them out. Have been trying to catch yakkas while squidding but not much success.

In previous yrs I have burleyed up yakkas off Steele point and Nielsen park but have not seen many around lately.


I burley up with pillies mashed up in a bucket of sand with a dash of tuna oil in the mix. You should get the yakkas in and then you need a small longshank hook on light line with a small bit of lead to get you down. keep a bit of burley coming and the yakkas will stay around unless a kingie chases them off.

There have been loads of new season yakkas around neilson park. they are small and a bit tricky to catch but the kingies seem to love them.

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