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Port Kembla


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hit port kembla yesterday

got there at 6 am

went to our spot to get some livies.

got around 40 yakkas and 3 small tailors ,2 of the yellow tail being around 30cm :1yikes:

everything looking good although the weather wasnt the best.

we head out for a troll around 8.30 for zilch then decide to go in search for kings .

we anchor up and burley up but nothing and when we go to bring in the electric anchor.anchor must of cut somewhere along the way and lost my anchor :ranting2::ranting2::ranting2: .

decide to troll again and nothing.

spoke to maybe the only 3 boats i had seen out there on the hunt for a fish and they also had no luck.

we called it quits by mid day and return to our live bait ground to throw back all our livies.

i didnt get to test out my new saltiga rod with a saltiga 4500 reel that i purchased on friday arvo

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exactly that. i couldnt put it any other way dude.

as the kings,they dont seem to be out there in numbers as 2 months ago.

from last 2 trips there it was quiet also,lot of pods of dolphins there as well,if its not dolphins its the bloody seals stealing your bait and your catch of a good size king :ranting2::ranting2:

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Bad luck mate, but sounds like the same story we had in Sydney Harbour. Nice selection on rod and reel though- post up its performance when you break its virginity.

Did you fish the islands?, where is the bait- pm me if you dont mind.



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i will post up the performance of the rod when i get a chance to and yes i did fish the islands,the first and second island,not pig island.

hope i do get onto them soon penguin.

got told that would be around in big numbers next month

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it was weird ,i saw activity on the sounder and decided to anchor up and burley and start fishing at the spot and next i decide to move on and no anchor nor chain.

the rope was spliced and threaded back in the rope itself so i cant work it out and it was tested by the guys from cougarcraft.

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