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Clifton Gardens 11/3/07


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Hi Fishraiders!

My partner Sally usually gets sea sick as were reversing the trailer down the ramp, and her idea

of fishing is driving the boat to the fishmarkets to pick up lunch or hunting for the coffee boat

in middle harbour and maybe towing a lure in the 4 knots zones if I'm lucky

With the amount a kings in the habour, and a great forecast we set off at the "early" time of 9.00am

- thats from home not the ramp with me promising that she will catch a king........ :1fishing1:

Got to Tunks - Its a little fuller at 9.30 than at 5 but launched no problems parked up the

hill and we were off.

Expecting on such a nice day for CG to be packed - to my suprise there was only one other boat

when we arrived and he was hooked up on a good fish as we were setting the anchor so it was

a good sign.

So out went the pillie heads me using 3kg ont he nibble tip and on hers on a 6kg outfit

and the wait was on....

I got 2 good hookups, which both after a few solid runs spat the hooks :mad3:

More waiting - the fish seem to swim through as for about an hour the sounder was empty, then

it was chocka block with arches everywhere Sally finally got the knack of throwing out unweighted

pillies ( I still have to bait them up :1prop: ) her bait gets nailed and the fights on.

After a bit of a battle and several runs towards the boats anchor, her first king of about 63cm is netted, photographed and released. SHe was thrilled with the catch I when asked if she was happy were her

biggest ever fish , she promptly reminded me she had caught a 4 foot snook on a handline baited

for squid a few years back when we were fishing of a jetty. ( i've never caught one that big )


We left soon after as her kwells were wearing off so we went hunting for the coffee boat

in Middle Harbour.

We also caught some trevally, flathead and fed a school of bonito who charged up to the back of

the boat everytime the berley was thrown in.

It was a great day to be on the harbour!

We also had a large sail boat deceide that the only place in the whole harbour to turn around

was the white can at CG. It was a big boat and it weaved around the boats anchored around the

buoy - then headed straight for us. We had to pull the rods out of the holders to savethem from being

snapped off, and the boat cleared our stern by less than a metre - no exaggeration :ranting2:

He could easily have gone straight over the top of us as he was hard turning to clear us - no sorry's

just that blank stupid look people get on there face when their in the wrong and dont care


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My dear wife can haul in good flatties from the Hawkesbury (a reasonabe feat given the poor fishing there of late) whilst intently reading the womens weekly.

Just need to supply her with an old plastic ringcaster complete with UV damaged line and blunt & rusty hook and she will out fish me every time.

And yes I have to bait the hook and make sure she is not upset by anything more disturbing than a 10cm swell or 20cm wind chop. (she does not like the wake from passing fly bridge cruisers, ferries , barges, large ships, big sailing boats, jet skis, speed boats, swimmers or boisterous seagulls).

Well done on the Kingy for Sally, that should see you spend many happy hours on the water fishing together. Good report and keep up the kwells.


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We were at CG yesterday from 9.00am until about 11.00am. We boated seven Kings and Kept three. Largest was 63cm and a few were 58-59cm. We were the only boat there for a while. It might have been us you saw.

The trailer sailors are a dangerous group.

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Nice report there,and I luv it when that coffee boat

comes by,as for the sailing boats they can sometimes

give me the sh#ts,some act like they own the harbour.


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