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Theifs, A$$#ole$


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Hi guys

Was excited all week about getting out on the boat, finally we were ready for jigging after lots of preparation and money spent for this trip we were set

Arrived at cooks ramp at 5.30 sunday morning, set boat up and started to launch.

Dad starts the motors and goes to reverse off the trailer, port motor starts jumping arund on the transom, DAMN broke a pin or the ram is broken. :mad3:

Smooth trip to molinoux sitting on just under 60kph the whole way there.

Arrived and set out a few lines and some burly then started to hve a look around the motors to fix the issue, dad hits tilt and trim port motor goes up fine, good ram isnt broken

Starts the motor and puts in reverse gear still jumping around

Lifts the motor up again to take the cowling off dad reaches over the motor and grabs the cowling lever and the whole motor lifts up

These are 90hp 2stk yamaha motors, not light.

Took alook around the bolts holding it onto the transom and the bottom two nuts are gone and the top 2 nuts are being held on by a thread, steering arm was also undone, but tight enough we could still steer.

Back at the ramp for 7.30. :1badmood:

Back at ramp tightend 2 lose nuts up.

Someone had tried to steal the motor within the last 2 weeks and had undone alot of the bolts holding it on.

Very dangerous traveling in the boat with a loose motor and towing around could have ended badly.

All fixed now 77cents later lol replaced the bolts.

If i find out who did this watch out im stealin your nuts.

I used to say it will never happen to me but anything can happen to anyone.

cheers james

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Unfortunately thats life James, theives will always be around.....all you can do is hope you catch them in the act next time.......

I catch them in the act, they certainly wont be leaving to quickly.

I guess it's just the suburb i live in.

cheers james

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There are some low life people out there.

Get some "lock-tite" and put that under the nuts.... that will make it a bit harder for the scum bags if they come back and try and have another crack at stealing it.

Gee, you were lucky though James not to drop the motor on the road on the way to the ramp or even worse into the drink!

If you find out who it was... invite him to a Fishraider social and we can all take it in turns :bash: .

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sorry to hear that james, i know how annoying it can be cutting a fishing trip short..and its very lucky there was no accidents in or off the water.

I've told you this before, but i really think its time to invest in a German Shepard and 10metres of rope.

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I once towed my boat from home at Saratoga to Belmont to do a favour for a bloke who was buying a Yacht from a mooring on the lake. In the couple of hours that the boat was in the water some mongrel pinched the Bearing Buddies off the trailer.

I didn't notice they were gone when I put the boat back on and halfway home I can hear this awfull noise and my car was struggling to pull the trailer. All the grease had spun out and the bearings were all but siezed. Lucky for me I had a mate who lived close to the halfway point at Buff Point and I limped it into his place where I had to leave it overnight. Caused a lot of problems for me and all for a couple of bucks worth of Bearing Caps.

Your lucky you didn't drop a motor or do some serious damage to your boat. You've got to wonder about some people.

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That is not good at all.

Luckily you found the problem with no damage or lose suffered apart from the lost fishing time. :1badmood:

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Lucky u didnt lose a motor,

Sounds like at some stage u might have un-knowingly disturbed

the would be thieves, as they didnt finish un-doing ur engine bolts.

Very lucky.


We are assuming they were disturbed but by what and who????

They might have started the job so they can comeback and do a quick finish up sometime soon, good luck to em i say im prepared for em, touch my boat i'll break your legs :biggrin2:

cheers james

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Guest dicko1

If i find out who did this watch out im stealin your nuts.


Nice call bud! Wouldnt u love to meet the pr!cks! Oh well at least they didnt get it and least it didnt fall off whilst u were driving and kill someone...

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