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Sydney Harbour 13/3/07


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Hi all,

Its been a hectic last few weeks. After much discussion and meetings, accepted a job with another company for more $$$ and better role last Friday. Advised the (now previous) company who then promptly escorted me from the premises, which has left me with a few weeks holiday before I can start my new job.

So making the most of an unscheduled break decided to head out on a last minute fish today with a Sydney charter and 1 other. Weather wasn’t great with the wind and swell up and some rain, but hey, it beats working. Turned out to be a great day with no boat traffic apart from the new Spanish Navy ship and other navy boats cruising by.

As my squidding has been pretty hopeless so far, tried to get as many tips and instruction as I could from the guide (I’ll call him Stu for convenience). Stu was fantastic and very giving in advice and help on my technique. On a windy day where I thought there would be no chance of catching any squid, we managed to pull in about 10 squid within a few hours. Can’t admit to any but it was great for me to watch and learn from others. You can read helpful technique tips but to actually get real life help was worth the freight of the trip alone (for me anyway).

With squid in the tanks we headed off around the harbour and landed around 10 + , although the early caught kings were rats and were despatched back to grow. Later in the day the fish size increased and we were onto 65cm Kings.

During the rainy periods we decided to chase some of the surface action with a number of tailer boated and a decent size boni lost against the boat hull. Overall it was a great day out in average conditions and met a great bloke Stu who I will definitely go out with again for future refresher courses. Will hopefully get out as much as possible over the next few weeks. . definitely mid week and practice what I've learnt.



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Well you have no excuses now you've got some extra cash...... GO AND BUY A BOAT!


Mate, got a Haines Hunter 570 SF with a mate. Extra $$ goes to my bank and mortgage. Anything else you can recommend?

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