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Clifton Gardens


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Going to try and get out to Clifton Gardens tonight and try and get a fish

The Plan is.........

5.00 leave work

5.10 Pick up pillies at servo

5.15 arrive home

5.20 Run upstairs grab rod

5.30 Boat connected to car

6.10-6.15 Fight traffic - Arrive at Tunks Park

6.20 Boat in water

No time to catch squid or Yakkas :1fishing1:

6.45 Arrive Clifton Gardens approx

6.50 Pillies chopped thrown over side , unweighted pillie head on 6kg into water,

straight to the hook no time for a trace

7-7.15 Against the clock as sunset approaches, waiting for the first bite

7.20 Turn on Anchor light

7.50 begin return journey back to ramp either Victorious :thumbup: or fishless :thumbdown:

8.30 Back at ramp

8.40 Boat back on trailer

9.05 Back at home

9.15 Boat back in shed - rod packed away

9.20 Jump in shower - place fishing clothes in wash

9.30 Start watching Law & Order, lay on couch acting half asleep :1prop:

9.35 Sally arrives home from work

The perfect crime is completed.......... :yahoo:


( I Bet my boss calls a 5pm meeeting today :ranting2: )

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if you've been watching Jason's posts James you would have noticed that he has been braining the kings on servo pillies the past couple of days :1prop:

good luck mate, i have faith you can bring home the goods :thumbup:


Nope.........but i will take a look.

cheers james

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Are you only allowed to fish of the southmost (bottom half) part of the wharf i.e. not the top half of the north south section casting east ?

I remember a swimming net also, north of the east-west section of the wharf ...

I remember the mozzies there were HUGE !!!!

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