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Burrendong 18th March 07


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Hey Raiders

Got a whole day on the water today! :yahoo:

Left Orange @ 8am after a false start earlier.

Arrived Burrendong about 9am

Took all my mates with me so sorry on the photos, hard to manage everything on my own. :1prop:

Trolled the spillway for couple of runs & no hits.

Moved north up Cudgegong river just past Pine Hill. Got nothing for about 1/2 hr when suddenly I'm on & little Chronarch is whizzin' out braid fast. For a very brief moment I thought I had a monster but it quickly lost interest in the fight & made straight for the net.

Yellas - 0

Mik - 1 (Nice little panfried variety)

Next hour sees me seriously wishin' I actually brough someone as I had several snags that proved difficult to free whilst trying to man-handle the 8hp trolling motor, leaning over the transom whilst its connected to the main motor for steering. A stiff little breeze wasn't helping my efforts to try & keep line taught & steer clear of the trees at the same time. Lost one brand new Mud-Eye HB but regained two more after what felt like hours of wrestling & cursing. Couple of fellas sailed by in a swift little Quinne & my face flushed red as I heard 'em laughing. :mad3:

Snags - 1

Mik - 2


Next hour lost two nice yellas, one at the boat which I'm certain would have been a PB. Oh well, beats workin'

Yellas - 2

Mik - 1

Run home back down the river to the lake was my revenge. 2 additional padfrieds & 3 nice portraits on the mat.

Final score

Yellas - 2

Mik - 6 with 3 for the family. Had 'em filleted & cooked before 9pm. Yummy!

Oh yeah, & topped it off when I met the laughin' boys in the Quinne at the ramp. Seems they got nuffin' :074:

Here's a few pics

Tucka Time


46cm model - fattest of them all!


48cm model


And finally - 49cm model


Cheers all, hope you all had great weekends.

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Thank Wild

Water level is still only 3% but seems to be coming up slowly. Enough to get my boat in without ripping off my prop at the ramp.

Parasites seem to be losing their grip too which is great. One of the bigger fish I caught today had a few but nothing like the silvers I caught around christmas. Hopfully they will be completly gone soon. Noticed a few in some carcasess left at the cleaning table.

I still want to get one to the DPI but that will only be possible during the week (Normal office hours) & I have bugger all chance of getting out to Burrendong during the week now. Lake Cargelligo though, now there's another story. :biggrin2:

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Thanks all

Must say I was pretty chuffed with meself. :biggrin2:

Getting pretty good at launch & retreive on my own. Which I think is a good effort considering the weight of the boat & the age of the trailer. Lucky I had a breeze coming directly into ramp on retreive, if it had been a bit sideways I'd say I would have struggled a bit. But hey, for a novice boatie I'm having a blast.

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