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Cronulla Last Weekend


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Hi guys

I was in Cronulla for the triathlon last weekend (other half did it ..... and won his age group!) He was the oldest in the field & still had 140 behind him!! If there had been another lap on the run, he would have had 200 behind him!!

Went down Gannons Rd & found the little track to the rocks .... lovely spot. I tossed some sps about with no luck. 2 guys in a tinnie tied up to one of the buoys and put a couple of lines out - soon enough, one rod went off & the guy grabbed it - I thought he was snagged, but whatever it was, it was big & basically just took off with the hook & didn't stop! Finally it made it to a houseboat some distance away & busted off! Very disappointing for the guys in the boat!

Also went down Gunnamatta St & found a great wharf that is not frequented much - lots of poddy mullet there, saw some big bream & blackies and some absolutely huge mullet as well! I had some bread, so put one of my mullet floats on .... mixed result. Got a couple, but should have had more! My rig was more set up for the oyster leases in Forster (short leaders) - for this area, you could easily make the line lengths up to 6" or more. Still fun, tho. I put a sinker on the line, which took it to the bottom & allowed the float to come up a fair bit - had a tremendous take - unfortunately it didn't connect, as it was a huge blackie!

Chopped up one of the mullet & tossed it out - something grabbed it & gave it a good 'yank'! I tried to hook it & missed, it followed the bait & did it again and again & again! I reckon it had to be a biggish octopus as the yanks were fairly firm, but not your 'head knocking' tear offs with a normal fish!

A bloke who has a boat moored there reckons you can get jewies on high tides.

Alll up, a good couple of sessions in an area I had never fished before!



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Did ya manage any real keepers? Got any pics?

Sounds like a nice session too, maybe I'll give it a go sometime, I'm still looking for areas around there.

Is the wharf right against the road or is it a bit of a walk down. It looks like a decent sport from the street directory. :)

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Hi Dave

Sorry - no pics - wasn't really trying to get a feed as we'd brought all our food with us for the weekend anyway - more an exercise of checking out the surroundings. I hadn't brought any beach or rock fishing gear, so was happy to play off the wharf & the rocks at the end of Gannons Rd. There was another boat ramp off Gannons Rd (a dead end to the water) to the left (from Kingsway direction) which looked like it could be good for squid on a high tide. It was pretty low when I was there tho.

The wharf is at the end of Gunnamatta Rd (a dead end) & is a little ripper! Park wherever you can. The path runs down beside a house (maybe 10 sandstone steps all up - a bit steep if older folk are wobbly on their feet) and is real easy access. Lots of boats moored in the bay & tinnies tied up to the wharf, but the end is free for fishing. Stacks of mullet there on a rising tide.

Spoke with my brother last night & he reckons it was more likely to be a squid than an occie pulling at my bait. I tried a couple of squid jigs, but didn't have any enticers (scent or oil) to make it irresistable!

Let us know how you go! I reckon it'd be a ripper on high tide/full moon!



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