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What Would You Prefer


1m king or 1m jew  

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Ditto Johnno

I haven't caught either yet. But If push came to shove I think the prestige & brag factor would have to be higher for a big Jew. They seem to be part of a secret sub-culture amoung Aussie fishers. To me they seem very elusive & therefore very appealing.

But a mad Kingie on the end of my line would certainly put a grin on me boofhead!

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I vote King! Specially on a bream rod :thumbup:

Reason, done the Jew on bream gear already :yahoo:

Would make a great camera opportunity!

mpeg of the jew.

Remember guys, most still cameras can do mpegs to!


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im WAITING for the 1m KINGY to come my way...

ive been ALMIGHTY close but each and everytime they got they upper hand :mad3:

althou it makes me come back for Mooooooooooooooore..

so my vote 1m kingy...


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Guest dicko1

I would prefer to catch a 1 metre Snapper

My Pb is 82cm

That isnt an option, its king or jew! I would say king, just for the fight!

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