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Nissan X-trail - Towing Boat


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Hey guys,

After shopping around, I'm leaning towards a Nissan Xtrail. Does anyone have here that uses it to tow a boat?

In general how are they as a car? And does it feel fairly safe and steady while towing a boat? Stopping power etc?

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in the mid size pretend 4wd class

i dont like the x trail, poorly put together (havnt seen a new one though)

mazda tribute/ford escape has a much better towing capacity but also poorly made

if you a looking at new check out the mazda cx7 and there is a new hyosong

depends what ya wanna tow?

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We've got one that is just over 3 years old (got it new), Use it sometimes to tow my 530 haines (approx 1500kg) Ok for short distances but you will find it might struggle up a hills with more than a couple of people in the car. It gets up the ramp OK.

Must admit next time I will be looking at the Praddo.

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Between our family we have owned 3 X-Trails. One was traded for a newer one (Lease / tax purposes)

I can't praise them enough. They are zippy, compact & roomy all at once. Never, ever had any mechanical issues with any of them. We travel alot & comfort / ride is very good. My mum racked up 30 000 klms in 4 1/2 months, she loves it to the point of ridiculous.

We have 2 kids (Both under 4yrs) and they have room to spare for all the :wife: 's crap....I mean Highly valuable, irreplacable & extremly necessary travelling equipment! Plus of course the kids toys, trikes, a couple of huge stuffed animals and all the nappies & pariphanailia (sp?) that a small family needs.

I'm 6' 1" @ 100 Kg & I'm comfortable in an X-Trail for long or short hauls.

Towing, well it depends what weight your towing. X-Trails are rated at 2000kg (From memory, don't quote me on that) but realistically I wouldn't think a 2 tonne boat would feel too good behind it. No doubt it would pull it but stopping would be an issue so if your boat trailer is un-braked I'd ask a Nissan dealer to see what test they may be able to arrange (Especially if they make a comment about "Yeah mate, no probs it will tow it) Ask them to put their money where their mouth is, any new car is a fairly serious investment, you don't wanna blow it.

One thing though. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is a 4WD. It's a toy at the end of the day. It will get you to some places most RWD cars won't and it will feel very safe in Hi4 in slippery conditions, but don't expect to tackle some of the stuff I've seen some fishos do with their To-Joes etc. All vehicles in the X-Trails class are only toy 4WD's anyway.

For a great little bus that will be comfortable & tow light stuff with loads of room for extras on travel away fishing trips it will serve you very well.

PS - If you are buying new, PM me & I'll see what I can do (No promises though) about a tow test for you.

PPS - My Navara tows my boat (And anything else I need) so I can't really comment on towing)

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