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Wat Bait Do U Use

the bream

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hey guys wat bait do u use for bream and flatties

By far the best would be live bait...

Live pink nippers for bream... And live bloodworms or beachworms for flatehead and bream....Large flatties also respond well to small poddy mullet

as for dead baits, it is hard to go past peeled hawkesbury prawns for bream and flatties, and oily fish such as pilchards, striped tuna strips or mullet strips for flathead.

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i fish at bobbin head jetty and appletree bay i have caught some very nice bream from both these spots and most of the time using hole hawks prawn with little or no sinker at all and i send them straight under the jetty thats where the big buggers are i have also caught nice bream on bread,squid, whitebait, chicken and mullet gut and fresh fish flesh such as yellowtail. if u can get access to a bait trap and catch some realy small bait fish i hook like 2 or 3 on a hook at a time through the eye and because they move around heaps as you would with a hook in your eye they seem to work a treat also i have caught them on life nippers and if you can life prawns, with them i dont reacon you could do much better then that

spots like Bobbin head and appletree bay and also patonga jettys are realy worth a try

ohwel good luck mate let me know how you go when you go

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When bait fishing forbream , my favourite method is using unweighted bread pieces in a burly trail, great fun.

flatties, for me they will take pretty much any bait if its in front of them

live yakkas or half pilchards are standouts though

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id like to say plastics but my wife always outfishes me on bream with big peeled prawns.

for big flatties, live baits!, have got some monster flatties whilst jew fishing.....

as a kid i got a lot of bream on cheese! havnt tried that in a while

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All of the above work well, flatties especially respond well to anything that is put in front of them. The BIG bream baits I use however are different. I learnt the technique of member Stebobo, a mate. Caught a 1.6kg bream in a matter of minutes. Bread in the center, cheese and old chicken on the outside. The cheese and chicken give off oily scents and strong smells, and the bream are attracted to it. Then the bread, cheese and chicken in combo keep them interested so they decide to take a nice big bite.

The only thing is though, I haven't caught many small bream with this. Only relatively bigger ones, so if you are looking for loads of bream, I would use hawkesury prawns (green ones SUCK!). Flatties respond well to most baits, but a wavy strip bait will grab their attention, or a poddy mullet or yakka.

Hope this helped,

:1fishing1: henners

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I have found bream and flattys really can take any baits bream mainly

Baits for bream can include chicken gut, yabbys, peeled prawns oily flesh peices such as pilchards etc.

Flathead respond well to small live fish such as mullet and yakkas.

Not sure what lures bream will take.

Flathead respond well to softplastic lures, small divers just make sure you keep your baits moving for flathead.

I have attatched a photo of a 89cm+ flathead that member DOMZA caught on a live yakka.

cheers james


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Guest IFishSick.


that's about the 6th time you've posted that fish on FR,

you've got to stop living through other people's success and start creating your own :074:


:mfr_lol: So true

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