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Thousands Of Fish In The Bay


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Hi all,

I finally bit the bullet and become a member, anyway I went out on the bay with my trusty hunter last friday hoping to catch a feed of bream or snapper. Fished for two hours before high tide not one bite :1badmood:

funny thing was my humming bird fish finder was full to the bream with fish (pardon the pun).


tried squid strips, pilcahards, prawn, nippers

Used two rods one heavy and one light set up

tried several spots

fished that same spot week prior and got 4Bream, 3 snapper 1 travaly and a Flatty.

To make things worse i was so :mad3: I went out on saturday for 5 hours and caught tiny snapper all day (I guess some one needs to feed them).

You would think I learnt my lesson right !!!!! your kidding not me went out on sunday for 3 hours and caugth one crappy fish I have never in my life seen before, it was 1.3 meters long head of a freshwater catfish and an eels tail, it felt like I was reeling in a wet towel.

Mabey this could be a three day fishing report for the bay.

What would you have done in my shoes on the day of not one single bite?

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