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Late Report Harbour 4/4

Guest dicko1

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Guest dicko1

A bit of a late report from yesterday (4/4/07), i left my camera at the missus place and i wanted to post these pics so i didnt bother doing a report till now...

I got a call from fishingrod the night before giving the all clear to head out for a fish yesterday with the hope of catching me my number 2,3,4,5++ etc kingy! He told me the weather report said that 'there were chances of showers, but that doesnt necessarily mean its going to rain...' Haha, how wrong we were!!


We met at the ramp at 530 with clear skies but a few lightning bolts in the far distance, nothing to worry about we thought! Got to the squid grounds to see Greg from D&G already with a full bait tank (you must get out there pretty early mate, both days we seen you you have had heaps of squid before we got there!!). I figured that since Fishingrod had put me onto my first king, it was only right that I put him onto his first squid! (not quite equal repayment i know)! Id showed him my rig the last time we went out so he knew what was going on and managed 2 or 3 squid in the session, we got about 7 squid in an hour and a half and spent another half hour getting some yakkas...

The fishing was very slow, and you know that when Namesay struggles for a good fish it is really exceptionally hard fishing! It was interesting to read your thoughts on the kings and full moon fishing, thanks once again for sharing your invaluable knowledge! As soon as we hit the wedding cakes it started to piss down, you couldnt even see 30metres in front of you!! We were lucky enough to have a bit of cover via the cabin but still got drenched baiting up, co much that it actually went through my drizabone! It must have been hell for greg, malacoota pete and hook'm sitting in that rain!!


We tried wedding cake, neilson marker, old man hat and quarantine marker for zilch bar a good red rock cod and a few bream. All seven squid got decimated by pickers very quickly so we were left with yakkas, one of which we had a short run on and wound in a chomped in half yakka! We called it quits at about 1pm and gave Malacoota Pete the rest of our yakka's, one of which caught him a nice samson, congrats mate and nice to meet you.

Thanks again for taking me out Rod!

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what lovely weather.shit im glad it wasnt like that when we were there the other day.no bilge pump so i think woulda sunk the beast,i thought that sort of weather was reserved for weekends anyway,days like that make you appreciate the good days even when fishless .. did you use that squid rig we saw killing them the other day and was it same spot???

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Thanks for doing the report Dicko

Im a happy camper now ive caught a few squid, so thanks for the pointers. The one intact squid i took home was wok fried with some chilli, garlic and soy and was good. It smelt great too while it was cooking.

I was thinking about those 2 hits i got on my yakkas ..... if i had my overhead in free spool (rather than light drag) the fish might have grabbed it and not felt any resistance ....but then if it decided to take off for a big run and i wasnt quick enough to jump up from my seat and lock it in gear it might have ended up in a birdsnet and lots of tears. Cant win !

It was good to see a few of the other guys out there too.



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Yep..Thanks for the livies Dicko and Rod..you really brightened up what was a HORRIBLE day on the water.

Those pics sure brought back back bad memories...I have never seen it rain that heavy in the harbour before

and the visibility was appalling. That's why he high tailed it for Clifton beach when the lightning started to flash

like an Oscars Red Carpet arrival.

We were drenched through to the skin and shivvering cold and thought before heading back to give it one quick go at Quarantine when we ran into you fellas.

Again, many thanks for those livies and I'm sorry you didn't nail that samson instead of me...it was a tough day on the water.

I hope I can return the favour one day on the water.



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Hey Dicko

Yeah Greg got hammered on!!! :074: At 3am it opened up on him an it was pretty much like that all day as you know! :biggrin2: . To answer your question , Greg an I get on the water very early, both times you have seen him in the last few days he has launched @ Tunks by 12.30-1am.

Next time we have a spot dicko we will let you know! As it quite often happens, bloody work :mad3::mad3: .... That day was crappy fishing overall, Greg pulled the hooks on a few suspected rats @ Nth Head, an lost what he suspects was a shark. 80LB leader absolutely trashed, an scuffed up, an a fight nothing like a kingy.

Only good thing about that weather is it brings the jews out to play. On our best day or i should say WORST we have hooked an dropped THREE nice jews all along side the boat, as they have spat the bait back @ us quite literally.

Might see you all out there this long weekend.

D & G

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Man that rain was just bloody unreal. Lucky I have a self draining deck! Would have been better in the Noble but the fishing was crap. Lucky to land 2 rats....1 bream and half a dozen leatheries!

Barrykrocker, Old Man's hat is just off quarantine. Cheers kelvin

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