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Kids And The Kingys (part 2)


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Well, I figure that there are 2 types of fishermen, those that catch fish............and me.

The long planned excursion with me and the kids to the wedding cake was just hours from lift off and we were keen as.No rain was going to stop us! I benched out the isle in the cab of the boat so I could top and tail the two girls(Parent talk) put the son down the centre, and I would have the left. Just enough room for food and spare clothes..... cool. Now, I love hyping the kids up, and this particular trip was no exception,except that the unheard of occurred. The :wife: decided last minute to join us- so now I sleep on the floor!

So, off we went to Roseville and launched the boat with the plan of fishing for livies and squid for the remainder of the arvo,bunker down in a bay overnight, and then be first to the cakes Sat morn.

Now, this is where things went South. Out the front of Balmoral(The only spot we know) we anchored and I let my trusty cat food bomb out and............. heaps of baby bream? The kids must have landed 50 of the little buggers, oh yeah, and 4 small yakkas. Okay, we will go to that bay we slept in last time and hit our killer slimies! Not this trip! just hundreds more baby bream and squire.

Things were getting rather boring, wet and windy when some lovely people at the end of the bay started to entertain us. You see, there was this 40 footer(rental job) sitting right at the end of the bay at an offset angle to the rest of our boats, and stupidly , I thought he had a back anchor out and was being smart avoiding the wind. He actually had run aground! So after about an hour of boring nothing, this baby bayliner ski boat flies into the bay with a rather annoyed looking bloke behind the wheel.He flew in, chucked a u-turn, yelled to the people to attach this rope he threw to them to the BACK of the cruiser and then he roared off at a zillion miles an hour........ and then stopped.Nothing happened! So then he told them to hook up the front and he did it again, this time the boat moved.


Now the problem with being a wanker and looking really cool in these salvage situations is that you MUST tell the driver of the vehicle what you want HIM to do before salvaging the vehicle, or boat in this situation.(I was once a towtruck driver) The bayliner did its thing and roared to life, the 40 footer yanked free of the beach and kept going, and going and going. The bloke doing the salvage could see the cruiser going out of control and flew back to yell to the driver to reverse up, but in doing so, let the tow rope go slack, hence ending up around the props of the cruiser!!! Thankfully, this nice bloke in a house boat stopped the cruiser. Ingeniously, this house boat is actually a fixed concrete structure in the bay with a house on it.Joe, Me and the 3 kids all watched on with total disbelief! CRASH !!! (My youngest actually said "shit-dad" and didn't get in trouble.)

post-2682-1175954593_thumb.jpg This bloke wouldn't dare say the "shit" word

So to paint a picture, here is this 40 footer with its nose bent around a concrete houseboat, a wanker in a bayliner wondering what he's going to say to his boss, and a guy in a concrete house boat thingy scatching his head in amazement- oh, and buy the way, the houseboat was fine. Not so the cruiser! It finally dislodged itself and blew back down the back of the river and beached itself again!

Note to boss: teach people how to drive big boats before taking ther money and sending them off to the harbour.

Note to wanker: try car sales instead.

Now, to be brief, couldn't catch a bloody thing at the cakes, all yakkas returned safely to the ocean, mum won't come out for another year, and me and the kids had a hoot! I did see another fool-Raider out in the wet though.Flight manager and #1 son were obviously out for there weekly shower aswell!

Cheers to all.


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Great report Murray , just confirms my belief that not everyone should be in charge of a boat !! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the guy explained just how he modified the design of the front of the boat !!

Brett and I had a cracker of a day , 3 flathead , 1 snapper , 1 flounder ,a wrasse and an eel :yahoo:

OK , it was a little damp out there at times , but we are going out there again today to do it all again !!


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Believe it or not Stumpy, these types of incidents are not RARE!!! I see them all the time with people in expensive boats not knowing anything about boating. Just get their licence doing a 1 day course and think they know everything. Been mucking around boats and fishing for over 30 years and I still consider myself a learner! Cheers Kelvin

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Exccelent report but you left out the fact that we did catch fish big enough to keep. Bream and Squire, not what we wanted but big enought to keep. :wife:

There goes my Sanity, the Wife just registered. :1badmood:

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Thats a funny set of comical errors u witnessed.

Too bad that the fishing and weather wasnt as u would have wanted. :05:

That cruiser looks more like a 30-32 footer,and usualy they are not

rented out.There are however several boatshare companies in Syd,

where u will find a boat like that might have between 4 and 12 part owners

and the marina where the boat is moored handles the bookings,cleaning and

servicing of the boats.So I would say there would be a lot of explaining to

do,to a lot of people,who now dont have a boat till repairs are finished. :1badmood:


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Hi Stumpy and co,

Yeah i know that spot very well were u saw the guy with the bigger boat than common sense.

A couple of years ago we were sitting in a tinnie fishing in front of the moored boats near the main channel when we turned to see a cruiser bearing down on us. Needless to say the guy didnt see us and rammed straight into us sinking the tinnie, deep sixing our gear and causing blood to flow.

I am very careful when out there fishing these days.

Glad you and the family had fun. My wife and daughters hate fishing!!! They wouldnt even eat my kingfish.

Cheers mate.

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I heard a story of a guy and his "niece" leaving Rose Bay in a Scarab

getting into the channel before sow and pigs ,putting the boat into autopilot...going below and smashing into sow and pigs reef

dunno if its true or not but it wouldnt surprise me

i actually saw a guy thumping along in his Scarab with the anchor smashing into the hull cause it wasnt fully up.

another scarab story i heard of a dude pounding along and charged down the back of a swell too quickly submerging most of the boat,coming to a sudden stop ,ass in the air and causing it to have to limp back to the eastern suburbs.

Meybe they rent these boats for the day ....who knows :hitsfan:

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Now Master Stumpy as you always say .... "Are you kidding!".

B R I L L I A N T post! Naturally you always produce a good laugh as your personality shines through. I've been hanging out to read about your fishing expedition with the family this weekend, so thanks for posting it.

:1welcomeani: I'm very excited that Mrs Stumpy :wife: has joined Raiders and look forward to the end of month fishing comp and final posts from all of us - LETS THINK POSITIVE!!!! This is going to be great fun.

By the way, well done for getting out there in cold and wet conditions as I know you've been hanging out to do it with or without your crew - aren't you lucky that some entertainment was provided plus an educational experience for the kids to see what not to do. Nice pics, especially of Cam "The Angel" ... remember what he thought Bec was miming in charades?

Cheers Marg

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