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I planned this morning session chasing kings for the last week but couldn't round up the usual suspects to join me. The winds looked ok so I borrowed my mates little stacer with 15 on the back and putted out in search of some squid.

Tried a new spot since the wind was up from the west. Sprayed some berkley ultrabite on the pink yozuri and cast it out toward the kelp. turned my back for 2 seconds only to hear my drag off....good size calamari (sorry no pic) The tube length was about 28cm. Couldn't get another one after that. Tried another spot but was getting impatient and headed to a nearby reef.

Baits were in the water all of 5 minutes when I decided to move my heavy outfit since it was too close to the anchor line...picked it up...felt a tug...rod buckles...drag runs...goes slack. I'd accidently pulled the squid while moving the rod. The kingy had bitten it off just under the hook. :1badmood:

2 minutes later my symetre 4000 starts screaming. I set the hook and off we go. fought this king for about 6 or 7 minutes. gave me grief on the snapper raider and 15lb tuffline....I play him to within 10ft of the tinny...good colour, nice fish 65-70 maybe...back the drag off just a little...then PING...my knot busts off at the braid to fluoro join! :1badmood::1badmood::1badmood::1badmood:

Not very happy at this point...I'd just swapped over from a double uni to the albright knot the night before! (on some advice) I use the albright on my 30lb braid to 50lb leader with no problems but I tie a double in the braid...Do I need a double in 15lb braid to 15lb fluoro? Retie with a double uni and my hands shaking.

I thought "that's it" had 2 shots at them...I'm going home with calamari. Still had about 2 hours to fish so I persevered. With about 20 minutes to spare I see my little flick stick take a hit (I had this one free floating a strip...she's spooled with 8lb fireline and 10lb leader). I pick her up slowly...line moving...whack, I'm on. murphy's law. Fought this king for at least 10min till he wrapped me around mooring and I thought..."that's it...never going to see this one". I move over to the mooring and see colour. start to unrap the line and pull the rope up too. Thankfully, the fish is pretty buggered by this point. Getting closer to the surface. NETTED! finally. One good king to show for the morning.

kingies 3 (another one reefed me)...kit 1. I'll take that result. A beautiful morning on the water too as the wind died down. Here's a pic of the solo king.


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