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Easter At Lake Jindabyne


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I spent a few days down at Lake Jindabyne over easter. The lake is down at 42% capacity which makes for interesting boat launching from the bank. I saw two unfortunate soles bogged down to the rims whilst trying to retrieve boats.

On the fishing front trolling my favourite little SX40 in red/white/green produced some good results. Not sure what it is about the SX40 but it does not matter what other lures I troll next to it. Over the three sessions I took 14 strikes in a row on the SX40 all from Rainbow Trout, the fish were all between 1-1.5kg and excellent fun on bream spinning gear.

Also had the chance to go to the Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival which was an excellent night. The dvd called "Chasing down the Man" which is an excellent movie about a couple of crazy blokes chasing Roosterfish off the beach in new mexico has to be seen to be believed.


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