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What Are Raiders Doing This Weekend?


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What are all the raiders getting up to this weekend?

the 21st/22nd April 2007

well for me what ever i plan i don,t fish :074:

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.

And take care on the waterways.

Sunday looks currently to be okay

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Saturday , start my holidays !! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Also cooking up a storm at Wattos for all my Fishraider mates ( see thread in Sponsors forum).

Sunday , working on the boat , getting ready for The Entrance Social ( see thread in Social Events Forum!) .

Did I mention that I will be on holidays ? :074:


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I am working afternoons this weekend unfortunately. :05:

I may head down to Watto's on saturday morning after Mitchell's soccer game and before work. :thumbup:

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Working Saturday :thumbdown::thumbdown:

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes forgot to mention, got to put up with Ross tomm :074::074::074:

Sunday????????????? FISHING WITH WATTO

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